"SCIENCE AGORA": The first "Proof of Concept" program, regarding environment and energy, starts with the support of Google

"SCIENCE AGORA": The first "Proof of Concept" program, regarding environment and energy, starts with the support of Google


The Technology Transfer Hub "SCIENCE AGORA", Innovation to Society aims to create a dynamic and integrated ecosystem of utilizing scientific research in Greece with an international impact. In this context, it announces the first "Proof of Concept" program, regarding environment and energy, which it is implemented with the support of Google and in collaboration with five scientific institutions (Democritus Research Centre, ACEin Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Athens University of Economics & Business, National Technical University of Athens, ATHENA Research Centre and the Research Institute of Communication & Computer Systems). The program will fund business efforts at an early stage of the evaluation of the research proposal and will support the attraction of additional investments for the development of this proposal.

Google Marketing Director for Southeast Europe, Maria Founta, stated: “Google is committed to supporting sustainable development in Greece. In this context, we will continue to embrace innovative initiatives, such as Science Agora. We really want and we are determined that Google will play an important role in addressing these challenges in our country through the products, collaborations, initiatives, and the funding it offers "


Target Audience

● the entire academic and research community, in groups of researchers, scientists with strong technological background who are interested in developing innovative services, products and models that can be applied in the thematic areas of the program.

● start-ups that develop innovative services and products by providing solutions to these important challenges.


Apply here until May 20, 2022.


Available thematic areas

● Food Chain Management

● Energy Management and Saving

● Sustainable Water Management

● Circular Economy

● Environmental Management and Technology


Why join a team

The teams that will participate in the program can claim:

  • Funding for the implementation of the PoC ranging from 15,000 to 40,000 euros, based on specific evaluation criteria.
  • Participation in mentoring sessions and pitching presentations for networking with the market.
  • Consultation & support from experienced market executives for the implementation of PoC in a real environment.


More information about the program can be found: dev-google.acein.gr/

You may contact the organizing committee at info@scienceagora.eu 



Last updated: 9 June 2022