The "Tech Connect Event" was held with great success for the first time

The "Tech Connect Event" was held with great success for the first time


On Friday, February 4, 2022, the action "Tech Connect" was organized for the first time by the Employment and Career Unit at AUEB and took place at the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ACEin) with the kind support of Collegelink.

The action "Tech Connect" is an initiative of students and teachers of the Departments of IT and Informatics of AUEB. The action is aimed at students who want to further explore the domain of information technology and included a series of workshops on modern technologies that are widely used in the market. The presentations were made by specialized executives of companies in the field of technological innovation that participate in AUEB’s internship program.

To bridge the gap observed between the knowledge acquired by the graduates and the technologies used in the work environment, the action was purposefully created to assist the graduates who have chosen to work with IT related subjects to know more extensively programming languages, frameworks, database technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. utilized by companies involved in software development and motivate them to engage further in their learning acquisition.

During the one-day event presentations by specialized executives in the field of technological innovation took place and the event was attended by delegates of Ubitech, GRNET, Sleed, Entersoft, AllCanCode, Insurance Market, CollegeLink, who shared information on application development issues for Front-End & Back-End technologies, machine learning technologies etc.


Last updated: 16 February 2022