The AUEB Library was established in the 1920s. Since then, it has accommodated generation upon generation of University students. Today the Library is of a hybrid type, combining printed and electronic material. Amongst others, the Library houses old economic textbooks from the early 1900s, historic economic books from the 1800s, and rare scientific journal editions such as "Economic Journal" from 1891 and "Economica" from 1921. These items are important in their own right, as they mark the legacy and evolution of economic thought in Greece and abroad.

Some of the services provided by the Library are:

  • Borrowing
  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Access to HEAL-Link
  • Reading Area
  • Copying - Printing
  • Support of Users with Additional Needs

For more information please visit the AUEB Library webpage.












Last updated: 22 January 2021