Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

  1. Community volunteering “AUEB Volunteers”: we volunteered in several programs, in cooperation with NGOs, such as:
  • Tango, pilates and computer lessons with out-of-prison women, in cooperation with the NGO Diktyo
  • Supported the NGO Revive Greece at their social media, volunteers management and training on coding to vulnerable groups
  • We participated in several sport events with vulnerable groups, such as MDA and people with neuro-diseases, Shedia and homeless people, Hellenic horse riding championship with Special Olympics team. Our volunteers also supported several NGOs working with children with some form of disability.
  1. Seminar: "Greece in crisis: Fiscal adjustment, structural reforms and their effects on inequality and poverty": In the framework of the Jean Monnet Program, AUEB the seminar "What opposes the development of the Greek economy?" on "Greece in Crisis: Fiscal Adjustment, Structural Reforms and Their Impact on Inequality and Poverty". This seminar is also part of Objective 1.
  2. Media awareness: through AUEB’s newspaper “OPAnews” as well as several press releases we raised awareness on the topic of inequalities, through interviews, scientific articles written by our faculty members as well as communicated our seminars and events.

Last updated: 2 December 2020