Goal 5: Gender Equality

  • Community volunteering “AUEB Volunteers”: we organized 2 workshops on “Gender-based violence” for AUEB’s students and participated in the annual event Walk for Freedom, organized by the NGO A21, against human trafficking.
  • Event: the Hellenic Society of University Women with the support of the "MSc in Human Resource Management" of AUEB, on the occasion of Women's Day, organized a seminar with the theme "Developments in the Position of Women in Greek Universities".
  • Media awareness: through AUEB’s newspaper “OPAnews” as well as several press releases we raised awareness on the topic of gender diversity through interviews, scientific articles written by our faculty members as well as communicated our volunteering opportunities and events.
  • HR Case Study Series: The "MSc in Human Resource Management" publishes the series entitled "HR Case Study Series". The 15th issue, published in November 2019, was entitled "Competent women in the workplace: Stereotypes and discrimination".

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